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How to bill units for bulk internet and tv


Our condo complex is a 300 unit high rise on the beach. It has some 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and 10% of the 2 bedrooms have been combined into one unit. Fees are on a % of ownership. Recently our association signed a contract for bulk cable tv including the internet. Those combined units are only counted as one unit so there are only 280 units for the contract. What would have cost $100 per month now only cost the association $80 bulk. Based on the % of ownership the monthly cost for 1 bed is $46, 2 bed is $91 and combined 2 bed  $183 per month all for the same service. It is not listed as a line item but just lumped into the monthly fee. This is unfair especially to the combined unit owners. Is there anyway that I can make them bill each contract unit for the contract price for the service?

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