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Is there a government agency for condos, asks owner in Grosse Pointe, MI


government_condo_lawsIs there a government entity that governs condos? My condo board charges ongoing special assessments, 3 in two years so far. The first was for 4k and did not complete all they said (including replacing rotting wood).

Is there anyone who can help with this? I moved in here years ago, new to condos and not realizing the immense control. When I bought the unit, they were almost 100k in the black, by the following year, almost 40k in the red. Other co-owners more involved, told me about the stealing. I cannot believe the government lets this happen.

Now they have pushed two more assessments, claiming they are running out of money. I see the type of vendors they hire. It's really about Board members not being business savvy. That's not to slam anyone. It's just truth.

I know some people, not me at the moment, who have a plan to get our current board out of office but the vote is middle of next year. In the mean time, they have and may continue to siphon so much unnecessary money. We are a 20 unit community. It just doesn't take all that much work to do the research, and those who have large community networks, like me, are told to basically "shut up." It's horrible. I'll leave the community nameless as they are good at doing wicked things to people who don't value their lack of skills and management. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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