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Keeping everything but the kitchen sink in garage spot


What are the standard policies concerning a common area shared underground garage?

We have several owners who have personal belongings piled all the way to the 14 foot ceiling. There is one person who is a gardener and has all of his equipment and tools behind his car.

The list goes on and on. All our bylaws say is that the garage is to be kept neat and tidy. The hoarders think that if their stuff is not overflowing into the next stall they are being neat.

We have been broken into many times by people looking for something to steal. The folks that want to store anything and everything (including what I think are very dangerous power tools) say that their parking space has been leased to them and they can do with it what they want.

I'm working on getting the best practices used by other associations, especially new condo projects, to be voted on and adopted into our CC&R's.

Does anybody have any legal insight as to if a common area garage should be treated as all other common areas? Our board says they do not want to be policing the area. This is so detrimental to our property values and safety.

What can be done?

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