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Late fees for condo owner don't add up


I had not received my maintenance book at all last year.  The automatic payment was not adjusted to reflect the increase and when money ran out I was sent a letter advising me of the balance and a $25.00 late fee.  I paid the balance but not the late fee as it was not my error, it was the Management companies.  Other people had problems with getting their payment books not at all or late.  Now, we have a new Management company and they are charging me the balance transferred over from the old management company plus $25.00 a month each month if it is not paid.  This $25.00 was on my account since April of 2015.  No one sent a letter stating there was a new procedure that any balances would be charged $25 a month. 
The bylaws state $25 fee would be added each month if maintenance or assessments were not paid.    There is nothing stated in the bylaws regarding charging a $25 fee for not paying your penalty charge.
I have since sent a letter to the Management co, President of the Association, BBB and Atty. General for their guidance.

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