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Maine Condo Association not providing year-round maintenance as is stated in their Bylaws



I recently purchased a condo unit in a small Maine Condo Association. Our monthly Condo Association fees cover water, maintenance of common elements, snow removal, and is year-round as stated in our Bylaws.

I like to use my place during the off-season, but have had to vacate it several times due to lack of plumbing, which is the issue I am currently facing.  The Board told me that a plumber would be sent out to fix suspected frozen pipes, but nothing has been done for several days.

Additionally, I am dissatisfied with snow removal and maintenance efforts put forth during the off-season, but have not had any luck discussing this with the rest of the Association as most use it as a seasonal place and feel it is not a big deal.  There are also discussions around taking a vote to make the Condo Association seasonal, ignoring the poor maintenance and instead focusing on the fact that many only want it as a seasonal complex.

I purchased my condo unit under the impression that the Condo association was year-round. Shouldn’t I be able to reside in my condo unit and use the water? What recourse do I have?

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