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Maintenance employee may cost HOA more in the long-run


Our elegant 50 unit condo building is deteriorating. We have a full time maintenance employee (with paid benefits, and family cellphone plan). He comes and goes as he pleases and is best friends with the association president. Our management company likes him, because they don't have to deal with the residents. This employee has a remodeling business, and constantly promotes to all residents. His pitch is that everything in the building is custom but his guys can take care of it. He promotes and supervises on our time, all the while making kickbacks. His subcontractors get parking spaces in our private / secure garage. Many residents, especially the seniors, love him because he "does" things for them. When they leave for the winter, he checks on their units and drives their cars "for them" on our time. They can call him anytime for personal help, and many call him their personal concierge.
When anyone uses a contractor, other than his, he interferes in what they are doing. Our assessments are VERY high. Many are tired of paying so much and yet the building is unkempt.

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