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By CondoAssociation.com • February 8, 2016

Mold deductible should be paid by HOA

moldy-condo-rain.jpgAfter heavy rains, in a matter of weeks, mold appeared on interior of unit that is also the exterior wall.

Mold inspection was done, and cause was due to an external wall, of HOA responsibility.

HOA sent in their worker who denied anything was wrong with the wall in question. Three other independent inspectors also said there was that one wet wall.

No leaks were ever seen in my unit. During demolition, it was found there was a gap in the flashing of the external wall that allowed water in. Sprinklers are also located next to my unit.

The HOA refuses to pay damages to my unit. My insurance covered it, but I am seeking at least the deductible I paid. The HOA refuses to pay, since I had a mold issue before (two independent inspections showed no wet walls or leaks at that time)

But mold was only on the windows (which I ended up replacing to eliminate that issue), and a few personal belongings. Not like after the rain, when it was uncontrolled.

How can I separate two separate incidents from each other?

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