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Neglected New Jersey condo association needs help!


Small condo 56 units in New Jersey. No audits of finances for the last 10 years. Siding very dirty - cleaned once over last 13 years. Dozens of dead trees, not replaced for years. Owners maintain common elements (e.g. driveways). Nobody knows, except one member of the Board who is President for the last 10 years, how much, if any money left in the replacement reserve account.  No meetings of Condo Association members for at least 8 years. Recently, 70% of owners signed a letter to the Board demanding their resignation. We have a group of people who are (finally) ready to end this scam. That demand is informal, and can be legally ignored. We know the removal procedure of the Board, but it can be easily manipulated. We badly need advice how to proceed. Where (local, state authorities) we should go / start, outside of our Condo/Board, to end this pure extortion. 

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