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Neighbor says I'm being too loud!?


This question is submitted by James W. out of Dunedin, FL 

I live in a 3 story over-55 condo building on the second floor. I have lived here for 4 years and have recently replaced my carpet with vinyl planking floors throughout my condo. I had a snow bird living in the unit below me until a few months ago. This woman that moved in complained that I was making too much noise. I do not play any music and tv or pandora volume is never over a 25 in volume. I gave her the benefit of the doubt so I went out and purchased over $1000 in large floor coverings to cut down on the noise. I was a little irritated this evening when the chairman of my building called me to come downstairs to talk with the other tenant. When coming downstairs into her unit, I noticed that she had no running appliances....no ceiling fans, no tv (which would make it easier for her to hear other tenants noises). We came to find out that it could be a slight vibration sound coming from a running box fan that I keep in my florida room with a western exposure. I never turn this fan (or the ceiling fan) off because in the late afternoon this room can reach a temp in the 90's. When I first moved in, I spent $13,500 in floor to ceiling hurricane windows (and I am not allowed to put up any tinting on the windows). Is it unreasonable of me to stand up for my right to have daily living noises??? (Was going to offer that she could add insulation to her ceiling, but didn't want to make her more upset)


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