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New board member shocked by lack of professionalism


shocked-new-condo-board-member.jpegAgainst my better judgement (I know! What was I thinking!) my neighbors nominated and voted me onto the board of directors of my condo association in NJ a few months ago.

I am shocked by the unprofessional things going on.

I was given no information or guidance upon entry to the board. The President has proclaimed himself the King, and keeps all Board members in the dark and told us to "back off" and he is in charge and will handle everything.

The property manager (previously terminated, and rehired secretly by a friend on the board prior to my entry) gets away with poor performance and is not held accountable. The previous property manager provided monthly financials. The current property manager provided monthly financials previously (before terminated for that very reason-not providing them). We get them 3-4 times a year now.

I don't see how we can make decisions with no communication, no overview of the financials. I am shocked and appalled that the other board members just don't care enough to stand up to the King, and to also check where our money is going monthly.

The master deed specifies unit owners may see the books if requested. As a board member, I don't think my request to see the financials is unreasonable. I am not saying anything suspicious is going on, I just want to be aware of what is going on, and to have a comprehensive overview of our standing.

I have already found several areas in which to save money, which will hopefully prevent future assessments and raised dues (already unusually high for the region).

Who can I turn to report this refusal to provide this information? Attorney General? Omnibudsman? Town hall? Lawyer?

I am new to this and have no way to know where to start. Now I know why no one wants to serve on boards. Unbelievable.

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