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By CondoAssociation.com • July 17, 2018

Non-owners using condo swimming pool

We have a very small above ground pool in our condo development. I'm guessing 18x18 or smaller. Only the condo owners that choose to use the pool are charged a yearly fee to cover the chemicals and maintenance of it. No mention of the pool is in our bylaws. There is not a problem with adults accompanying children, usually. The problem is, the accompanying adult is often not even a condo owner! This development is too small to hire someone to check passes nor do we offer any type of passes. After I come home from a hard days work, or my only day off, I would like to enjoy the benefit of having a pool. The minute I jump in, here comes a trail of 6-8 screaming kids with 4 or 5 adults that do not even live here! Seldom is there ever a condo owner in site but they say they are related in some way or a friend of one of the condo owners. So I lay on my raft hanging on to the sides so I don't float over to interrupt their playing, splashing and yes screaming too! Eventually I give up my struggle to enjoy myself and pack my belongings and leave in hopes to come back after they are done. So, I see them finally leave and go back but the same cycle with a different bunch starts all over again! This happens year after year and seems to just be a free for all. If I say anything I would end up being the bad guy. Suggestion?

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