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By CondoAssociation.com • January 13, 2019

Our condo association runs like an oligarchy!

To achieve quorum, in the condominium building where I live, at least 35% of the owners must be present at the annual meeting of the condominium association to allow new members to be elected to the board of directors. I have been an owner in this building for four years. I have witnessed over these four years that at every annual meeting of the association that the quorum is not achieved with the result that nobody is officially elected to the board. Then what happens next is that the current president of the association then tells all non-members of the board of directors to leave the room so that the current members of the board can choose new members to be on the board. Thus, none of the current members of the board of directors have been officially elected by the owners. They are all hand-selected by the current president and other current members of the board in private. In this way, the current president and members of the board of directors are an oligarchy. It is government by a few. There is no democracy in the condo association. Is there anything that can be done to stop this oligarchy in my condo association?

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