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Our condo board is a bunch of criminals


I live in a small 18 unit association in California. Recently the board of directors resigned. The new board took over and realized that some of the members of the former board were up to no good. They spent money above the 5% capital expenditure rule, without membership approval.  They changed the CCRs without any kind of vote.  They under estimated the fiscal budget, leaving us with a short fall of $800 a month. They did not put funds into the reserve account for one year.  They borrowed thousands from the reserves without approval or a repayment plan.  They refused the membership request to examine the records for almost six months.  They used HOA funds to hire lawyers to fight revealing the records.  The HOA is short about $60-$80k after there stent.  They  handed out fines (unjust fines) like people hand out candy at Halloween and to top it off they "outed" a persons criminal past to the entire membership.  So here is my question.  Is there anyway we can bar them from EVER getting on the board again? I'm scared if people forget and they get elected again the building will implode.  We have documentation to prove everything I stated above. 


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