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Our handicap association's parking rules


Our Association rules (were never amended - never had a REQUIRED 2/3 approval vote to change rule- from shareholders ) as required in governing documents.

"These spaces (3) are designated for TEMPORARY use for the handicapped for unloading, drop off, and for handicap visitors. These areas are NOT to be considered as PERMANENT PARKING AREAS and are NOT to be used for OVERNIGHT PARKING."

Our Fiduciary BOD elected to ENFORCE RULES has posted a notice in Association lobby advising residents:
" anyone with a handicap placard can PARK IN THE HANDICAP SPACE FOR UNLIMITED TIME"

Not only is this CONTRARY to the above association's rules, our fiduciary Board members are not abiding by the rules.

If there are three handicap spaces for 70 units and those visiting, and two owners use the SAME HANDICAP SPACES 24/7 including OVERNIGHT, does this seem reasonable and as has meant to be intended?

Our Governing documents calls for each owner to have assigned parking but..... our Vice President likes the prime space, right in front of the building, better than WHERE HER ASSIGNED SPACE is located (in Exhibit "A" - page 296 and included is a map showing her. and where all units ARE TO BE PARKED - as each owner's DEED SPECIFIES.

What happened to the good old days where every one did what they were suppose to do - as in following the LAWS IF THE LAND?

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