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Our Naples community has gone rental


I live in a ghetto if you can believe Naples Fl is a ghetto. One reason is now the community is mostly rentals with about 8-10 home owners living there year round.  It is all about money because the bulk of the units were bought from a management company out west . The owners are the members of the board who call all the shots and don’t even live here. The bottom units has a structural flaw which means when the renter up stairs waters his palm I get my lanai ceiling ruin because of the way the lanai was built. It seems to only happen when he waters his plants  The association will not do anything because they say he is allowed to have plants but it is a ludicrous palm tree . This is done to make me buy . So now that I complained about his palm trees they had their landscaping company uproot my Sabal palms trees because of liability reasons and how they were dangerous encroaching over the sidewalk but their sabal palm tree at the front office doesn’t do that like mine does. I was told they will be trimmed back and instead when they knew I wasn’t home they were uprooted . I made a police report and the officer said the manager can rip out anything since they own the grounds. Can you please give me some advise on how to deal with such BS they are telling me if you don’t like it move
Any suggestions are very much appreciated

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