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Condo association has outstanding lien against owner


There was an improper recording of an assessment lien against my condo that I thought might have been removed since the lawyer who put the lien on my condo said it wasn't a true lien. I didn't worry since I was not selling my condo and I had health issues that didn't allow me to take care of this. I just found out yesterday, 7/23/2015 when I received the records from a new management company that our association changed to ,on 10/24/12,  that the amount of money on the lien for over $3,000 was posted on the balance owed to the condominium association. While our condo had this management company, I never received one notice from them about owing them money and never knew it was possible to have a lien on my condo and still have the money on the books of a new management company who charged me legal fees and late fees that I was never advised of. I thought with a lien I wouldn't have to worry until I was ready to sell my condo. Can an board of directors have a lien on my condo that I truly dispute and also have the same amount on the books with a new management company. Even the old management company who was involved in putting the lien on my condo found out that the amount of money that the lien was for was a new management company. New Jersey.

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