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By CondoAssociation.com • March 22, 2019

Owners between floors arguing over noise

I am a HOA president. I have a condo owner on the first floor complaining about noise in the unit above i.e. loud walking during quiet hours and toilet flushes. They want the 2nd floor owner to put rugs over their laminate floor because they think that is the problem. However the 2nd floor bought the unit with laminate floors already installed. Through research the condo is an apartment remodeled into a condo and is the first owner of the condo. The first floor owner CCR state owner can't alter their floors and must comply with noise standards. Either remove them or put down rugs in bedrooms and other areas through out the condo. 2nd floor says he is require to do nothing because the laminate floor were already there. 1st floor is a recent owner and 2nd floor owner did not receive any complaints of noise from previous owner. Any advise on resolution?

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