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By CondoAssociation.com • March 30, 2017

Renter's children are ruining condo building

I live in a condo association. We also have renters. Recently a new tenant (renter) moved in with young kids. The parents don't seem to be able to keep their kids from running, jumping and stomping in their rental unit (this goes on just about all day, seriously.) We initially, spoke to the parents and they said they would take care of the problem, but they have not and the situation has gotten worse. I spoke to the president of the HOA and also the manager of our property management company about the matter. We had a meeting to go over the rules/regulations, with the renter, so that they would be aware of our noise provisions rule (we even offered a first floor unit, but it was refused by the rental tenant.) They don't want to move, but want to stay in the initial unit and continue violating our noise provisions. I advised the president and manager that they continue to affect our quality of life and if they elect to stay in the initial unit, after refusing our offer, they can't continue causing the disturbance. They can't have it both ways at our expense (at one point the mother said what do we expect from kids and we had to get used to it.) The president and manager said the matter was referred to our condo association lawyer, who was to send a notice for "breach of contract" to the rental tenant by a special server. I contacted the office a few days later to get an update and they stated the server came but the tenants were not at home.

My question is, what is the procedure for a special server to serve notices to a particular person? Do they have to serve the person face to face? Do they use certified or registered mail to serve? How often and how long does it take to serve a particular person? Can I request copies of any correspondence re: this matter? This renter is a month to month renter (a bank owns the property, but is not making assessment payments, so they let the HOA rent out the unit on a month to month basis.) I'm thinking of moving, but thought I'd get some more knowledgeable views on this.Has anyone experienced a matter like this or have knowledge on this? I would appreciate thoughts and opinions re: this. I live in Illinois and the renter is on a month to month lease.

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