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Renting out our HOA clubhouse for private functions


Our association has a clubhouse. For years we have had rules that controlled outsiders from using our facility for their events. Several years ago we got new board members that wanted the clubhouse open to private parties. At one time the definition of Guest in our rules meant someone that stayed overnight in the community. Now guest means anyone from surrounding communities or from anywhere. There are two women board members that managed to come up with new rules for the clubhouse allowing a private party sponsored by only one resident, owner or renter, to reserve our clubhouse for the party and almost all of the guest are outsiders. What makes matters worse is when the notice is posted about these private parties it always states that residents are not allowed to come in. Supposedly for insurance purposes. Since we do not have a separate room to be used for private parties residents can not use the exercise equipment, pool table, library or even use the bathroom. Also, we are not allowed to know who is reserving our facility even though we pay the utility bills. The committee in charge with the two board members being part of that committee said the name of those reserving the clubhouse must not be revealed because this is a private function. What a deal! Strangers come into our clubhouse without a charge other than a deposit which is refunded, use our facility including our shuffleboard court and utilities and we are not allowed to enter the building or even know who has reserved it. Question, does anyone else have any experience with private parties in their clubhouse and what kind of restrictions do you have?

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