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By CondoAssociation.com • July 28, 2017

Running into problems with condo association after water damage

We are owners who live elsewhere and when we went to visit our condo, a leak has been occurring for several days/months. The cause was found to be a broken pipe in the ceiling. We started repair work right away. We contacted our Homeowners insurance who came the next day, provided an estimate for what they would cover and advised us to get an estimate for the part that is cover under the HOA insurance. We did that, tried to submit and the Treasurer refused to submit stating it would not be covered. Another 3 weeks go by until we have a HOA meeting at which time we informed the them that our lawyer (yes we contacted one and gave him our paperwork, By laws, declaration etc) at that time they stated they would submit. Insurance company asked for the receipts of what we had already paid out of pocket and the estimate for the other repairs, They covered all and sent a check to the Treasurer to reimburse us our out of pocket and to pay the repair contractor. So the HOA has a deductible and when the check came in it was the approval amount less the deductible. The treasurer decided when I asked for our monies due from the out of pocket that was covered, she refused stating that the deductible was being paid with the insurance check. I continued to try and reason with her that was not how it was done but she continued to refuse until I finally said that I would just contact our lawyer again. Finally was paid, now we submit the final draw for the work that was completed and she ignores the invoice for 3 weeks until I call the contractor about the second part or the reconstruction now and the contractor tells me they have not been paid and they would be placing a lien on our place. I contacted the treasurer and she now refuses to speak to us. This has started since April 24th and continues until now July 27, 2017. This women is stealing and tried to commit insurance fraud in my opinion and continue to cause us harm since we still have not had reconstruction repairs stated as the insurance company has approved for this second part of the claim and to which they sent her more money to pay to have it start. She even refuses to allow the insurance company to speak to us even though I am an officer of the board in addition to being an owner. What Now?

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