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By CondoAssociation.com • August 30, 2017

Should HOA renter have to pay for pest control?

I have been living in a small community of about 27 houses. The management states there is an HOA, however we never received documents, CC&R's etc. That is besides the point. The reason why I am writing is because, we have lived there going on 3 years now, renting. We have never had pest issues just a scorpion here and there. We always sprayed inside the home because I know that is our responsibility. Early this summer management decided to put turf in some common areas. Since then we have had an infestation of roaches. We let them know, they said they sprayed outside, however refused to spray inside. Now, I don't mind spraying inside, we buy store brought chemicals, however the infestation has gotten so bad that it wasn't strong enough to keep up with the roaches. Just today, I had to hire a pest control company and it was confirmed they were Egyptian roaches and it's because of the turf that was installed, they are looking for water source. Now, we have to continue a monthly service to maintain the issue. I just feel I shouldn't be responsible for this since it was management's idea to install turf. There was never a letter sent out asking about the community. Can you help?

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