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By CondoAssociation.com • December 29, 2020

Should I wait for condo association to repair my outdoor deck?

I am a condo owner. I have a deck that is attached to my unit in the back. The ground tends to vibrate from traffic that goes by on the street. Also, my unit sits lower and lots of rain and snowmelt accumulates behind my unit. I notice in the winter when the temps are freezing, the ground has frost heave and my deck moves up and my condo feels like I am on a boat. I saw the deck raised up by two feet above my basement window. Also, in the summer, large construction trucks drive by and shake the ground. My deck presses on my unit. The condo association is responsible for the decks. I asked them that I believe helical piers/piles are needed to keep the deck from moving and pressing on my unit. Or it needs to be decoupled from my unit. I am worried about the foundation. How do I go about this? I want to sell the unit but don't want to be liable as the unit moves from the deck. I am tempted to just hire someone to get this taken care of. I don't want to wait too long. And who knows if the helical piers will completely solve the issue, it is a ground issue. I want to move but want to do the right thing. Thank you.

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