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So You Think You Can Write?


We want to hear from you!

As we enter into a growth phase, we are looking for folks with experience in condo and HOA legal, financial and property management issues to become regular contributors to the CondoAssociation.com site.

If we accept you as a writer, we could create an "About Me" page for you where we would post your bio, a photo, and a link back to your site. We'd then link to that page from your byline whenever you wrote an article.

We'd like to also offer you a free  listing in the new HOA & Condo Association service provider directory we are working on, so long as you continue to write for us. 
We would ask in return that you submit at least 1 article of original (not posted elsewhere) content per month, of at least 350 words in length. Those who commit to more will qualify for even more perks.
This could be a really good opportunity to get your name in front of a lot of very targeted readers.
Let me know if you would like to move forward!

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