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Condo laws, budgets and financial reporting


Maine Condominium Act requires that advance notice of all board meetings, including the agenda, be sent to all owners. New board elected in October:

1) provided no notice of their November meeting,

2) provided notice of their Feb meeting saying it would occur President's Day week-end but it was held Feb 28 instead, without notice of change,

3) provided advance notice for a Fourth of July week-end meeting then held meeting the week before, in June, without notice of change (one agenda item was seeking owner input for the next fiscal year budget),

4) New board member who would have been able to attend July 4 meeting was unable to attend the meeting the last week of June (was working) and has not heard a peep from other board members about the meeting.

This is from the board that complained in the past that the prior president was scheduling meetings without first contacting all board members to find a date when all would be available. This is also a board that has promised certain things (parking procedure during snow removal, revised rules, address owner concerns about common areas needing repair during their annual walk around in June, and more) none of which have taken place. Don't know how to handle this.

I am not a board member, used to be a board member and hear complaints from other owners along these same lines. Other owners will complain but will not do anything about it. Have e-mailed the board every time I find an error in their financial reports or minutes making what I hope are constructive suggestions but have never received a reply. They will not talk to me I guess because they think I am interfering with their role or perhaps think am a disgruntled former board member. All I want is for them to follow the law and bylaws, etc. Any ideas on how to proceed?

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