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Unit floor damaged when condo neighbor removes support beam


My second floor unit sub-floor was damaged when the unit below removed a support beam during renovating his condo. The owners insurance has agreed to pay less depreciation cost which is 25% plus the insurance is not willing to pay for the 7 to 10 days of lodging during the repair since it is a 2nd home. So, my out of pocket is $1,000 plus 7 to 10 days of lodging at a minimum. The complicated issue is the damaged sub-floor which is common area and being paid by the HOA.The repair requires removal of a laminate floor system to assess the subfloor damage prior to installing the new laminate flooring. The HOA refuses to facilitate and is requesting me to hire a contractor to remove the flooring so the HOA can hire a contractor to repair the sub-floor. After the sub-floor is repaired, my contractor installs the new floor. This is a snafu in the making for sure. I am getting very frustrated with owners insurance not paying in full, this occurred in May and with so many parties involved....could take more the the estimated 7 to 10 days since the sub-floor repair is unknown. I guess I am going to hire any attorney and sue everyone, but not sure who or all......any advice is appreciated.

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