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Should Your HOA Run a Credit Check on Your Property Manager?


I ran across your Blog on the Internet. It was a pleasure to read. Thank you for publishing this important information for the edification of Condo Boards.  

I have been on our Board of Directors off and on for the past 10 years. We have had bad luck with property managers and their financial capacity to operate a business. One of our property managers embezzled $500,000 from us and we learned about another that had not paid their corporate taxes in 10 years. Fortunately, we were not stung by the latter that we know of. Both ended up in prison.  

My question is: Have you ever written a Blog on credit checking a property management company. I personally do a credit check on the information provided by the Internet, but maybe I am missing something. I would appreciate if you would send me the URL of such a Blog.   Thank you,   Chuck Plake cplake@cox.net

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