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Condo board accused of covering up crimes happening on premise


Someone broke into our storage locker and vandalized it. Now we have someone claiming they were raped in our locker room by someone they think may live in the building (not us). Our board has not sent out an email to the 19 other owners/5 tenants to let them know anything about this. 2 weeks have gone by. Plus my car was just keyed within the last two months - along with 5 other cars in the last couple years. This is a locked building. The Board finally says they are looking into cameras but have not even called a meeting - nor do they have one planned per the Board Pres yesterday. Two police reports were filed - one for vandalism, the other for the alleged rape. Photos of the victim were taken. Pretty bruised up. She went to the hospital. The Board Pres is trying to talk to the police. Could he get this covered up/quashed. The victim is petrified. The Board hides everything. This is awful. 

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