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HOA board gone rogue. How to stop the spending?


Our current HOA board of directors decided to manage our pool facility rather than hiring a property management firm. By doing so, the HOA board has indicated to the homeowners that they have saved the association thousands of dollars.

I and other homeowners thought the HOA board volunteered to save the association money compared to an outside property management service.

Certain HOA board and spouses and friends are compensating themselves for the services provided and claim they are not.

Can the board members (in particular, the board president and vice president, their spouses, etc.) be compensated for their management services?  Can the HOA board president do this?

What actions can the homeowners take to address this issue? I believe there is no mention of compensation in the HOA bylaws. I also believe that our HOA association may not have HOA rules and regulations in place. At least, I have never seen a copy.

There has also been other questionable spending habits by this HOA board, such as using funds for restaurant board meetings, sandwiches and treats, giving bonus dollars to pool attendants and friends that volunteer, etc.

What measures can we take to stop these practices?

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