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Not happy how condo association operates. What to do?


I am a 5 year-long resident in 55+ free-standing condo association. 54 total condo units. We have a property management company.

The condo association board does not notify us about anything until after the fact. There are no meeting notices; no condo board minutes; no agenda or parliamentary procedure at our annual condo association meetings; no opportunity to attend a board meeting because they are all private.

Special assessments are levied with no hard evidence, just the Board Manager telling us how much we have to pay at an association meeting. No discussion, no proof of facts.

I have offered to serve on condo association committees, but the manager selects other people. Our condo board is now comprised of 6 people (for 54 units). I do not know who they are.

We just received an email saying there is a special association meeting to discuss a septic problem. The condo board manager casually throws out exhorbitant numbers for a special assessment for this and that, but we have never seen anything in writing. The property management company and the condo board manager seem to do everything unilaterally without any residents' knowledge.

How can we get this board to follow the condo association by-laws?  Do we, the HOA members, have any recourse to establish our rights?

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