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Florida Condo Association and HOA Management Q&A


All these questions are specific to the State of Florida.

  • If a Condo Association acquires a Certificate of Title in Florida, the unit is in the association's name. Taxs are due. Is the Condo Association liable for the taxes?
  • I want to buy a condo in Florida and was told that I should get in contact with you for approval before i can buy the condo so I will be glad if you can guide me on how this can be done.
  • Under Florida Condo Law, can a Condo Association President also serve as Treasurer of the HOA? What titles constitute the offices of an HOA, and can one person hold two or more positions at the same time? Where in the Florida statutes is this information located?
  • I would like to know who or what institution regulates condo associations in Florida or Miami
  •  How many condo and HOA associations are there in Florida?

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