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Where can condo association find financial information about foreclosed unit?


We are a small North Carolina condo association of 24 units. We foreclosed on one condo unit a month ago, after several years of non-payment of HOA fees on the unit owner's part. No one came forward at the foreclosure sale to buy it, so now we find our condo association owners of this empty unit, which we'd like to sell as quickly as possible.

We've had a title search done in an effort to ascertain who holds the mortgage on it, but the last recorded company went belly-up in 2007. Can anyone point us in the right direction in the search to find out how much is still owed on the unit, so that we can make an intelligent decision on what price to sell it for? We haven't had contact with the former owner in several years, nor did his ex-wife, who was living in the unit. Thanks for any help.

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