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How can our HOA fire our property manager?

Posted by CondoAssociation.com on Fri, May 21, 2010 @ 07:00 AM
I own a condo in Florida. I first rented, and then I purchased about 4 years ago. My property manager is extremely rude, racist, harasses people and no one in the community likes her. She once yelled at my 9 year old daughter when a family member came from out of town and we did not register them in the office. Now my question is HOW CAN WE GET RID OF OUR PROPERTY MANAGER? what steps can we take as condo owners to stop the abuse from our property manager. Many people have moved out and abandoned their condos because of the property manager. There have been a few people that had complained but I was told that she is related to the president of the association. Please help!!!J65QQQYWC8RH

Tags: Property Management

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