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We just found out our condo association technically doesn't exist


Several years ago we bought a deeded quarter share of a condo in Maryland and have been paying fees into the Condo Association. Recently due to property manager problems our Association signed with a professional management company that handles condos and timeshares.

Reviewing our Declaration and Bylaws documents the new management company says that the documents do not exist since there isn't any record of the association papers being filled with the County Court House or the State. They say "in other words they say we don't exist."

Assuming that the new management will organize a new association with the proper documentation.

  • Are we obligated to join?
  • Can the four owners get together and get legal documentation as partners or another legal procedure where the four of us can be responsible for the condo operation and up keep but not assume any of the other three owners liabilities.
  • If item two is possible where would we get information for the procedure?
  • If item two is possible what would be the disadvantages?

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