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How will not paying HOA fees affect my personal credit?


I was behind on my HOA fees while arguing some "fines" for things I never even did like braking the main lock at the gate close to my unit, trash in the patio, and satellite antenna. Ridiculous $500 fines plus interest, and late fees, etc. Then I lost my job, it turned worse, I really fell behind, next thing they recorded a lien for about $12,000 plus the expenses.

I have a perfect credit, never fell behind on my mortgage even now that my condo value is upside down.  I have to pay $500 every month if not they will lien sale my condo, I get this foreclosure letter all the time, they are demanding about $12,000 for the HOA fees. My condo is worth about $230,000 and I owe twice that amount.   I am really tired, was always worried about my credit score. Should i just let it go at this time...how would it impact my credit history (HOA does not report to my credit)? I am current on my loan payments. Can the HOA really foreclose for that amount?  They do have the lien recorded....Will it show as foreclosure with no late payments on credit?  Do I still owe to the bank?  Thank you so much in advance for your input.

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