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Condo board making decisions without owners over repair projects


My Board informed me that the sliding glass doors in my unit had to be removed for the Condo Association to repair the concrete slab on my patio and into my living room. Because the doors were removed they could not be replaced because they do not meet current hurricane standards required by Florida laws. This amounts to approximately a $9,000.00 expenses I was asked to pay. These repairs had to be made in many units throughout the building. Some locations were worse than others. I wrote the association a letter pointing out that the exterior doors are now considered a part of the common elements under Florida law and the association must pay for replacement if it is necessary to replace the doors. Suddenly they figured out a way to fix the concrete without removing the doors. I thought everything was OK until I received another letter. To access the damaged concrete they had to remove the tile that I had paid to have installed a several years earlier after repairs were done to the concrete on the patio the first time. The letter stated that since the tile had to be removed to fix the concrete that the repaired concrete would have to be waterproofed and I would have to pay for the waterproofing which is a special waterproofing paint. I stated that I should have requested them to reinstall the tile that I had placed on the patio but as of now I have not and stated that the waterproofing of the patio should be a part of the repair work. I received an email back from the manager that states " The Board passed a policy resolution that tile is no longer allowed on the patios. They also require that a membrane be applied to the concrete surface. They specified what type of product must be installed an the only two allowed color choices allowed. They are making the owners pay for the surface coating. I will pass this email to the board and will forward their response back to you regarding them paying for the deck coating." What is my responsibility to pay for this waterproofing just because the "Board passed a policy resolution". Would not this be a part of the repairs done to the common areas? Can anyone suggest what can be done to stop this Board from making these arbitrary decisions.

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