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Why cant renters have guests at condo association swimming pool?


My husband and I are renting a unit in a quiet condo complex. The majority of the owners here are older people who rarely use amenities. My problem lies with our restricted use of the pool. Is the Condo Association allowed to restrict us to zero guests at the pool? They've told us we may use it but that we cannot have any guests (I had tried to bring my younger sisters). Seeing as how the pool is really only used by one person in the entire complex, I don't see a problem with us using it once in a while, especially since we pay the association fees that cover pool maintenance. The association president told me that renters aren't allowed guests in an effort to keep the pool area from being vandalized. (I guess because I happen to prefer renting over ownership, that means I have no respect for common areas or association property.) Are they allowed to do this? Or am I entitled to the same amount of guests as the condo owners? I know several of my neighbors and none of them have a problem with my well-behaved siblings using the amenities when they're in my care.

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