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HOA has problems with personal landscaping on common property


We have 23 townhouse units. While being built the builder gave three of the owners the ok to "plant a few flowers" in the mulch bed in front of their units. Our associations bylaws that we all signed state that all landscaping in the common areas have to be done by a professional landscaper. We have one. The three homes look awful with the over abundance of flower, pots, decorations etc. They refuse to stop and we have sent letters, had a special meeting etc. To no avail. Now one of them just planted ferns in front of electric box. What can we do without having to hire a lawyer. We were going to have a stone drip edge installed by the landscaper somehow rain dripped off the roof it would not splash the mulch on the siding but one of the three offenders stated he would kill anyone who touched his property. He cannot get it through his head that it is not his. It is common land Thanks in advance

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