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Can condo board charge extra for having more than two cars?


For over 25+ years every unit had one assigned parking spot and the remaining "guest" spots were used on a first come basis. Suddenly the Board is suggesting that any unit with more than two cars be charged a monthly fee of $35 per additional car and that some of the "guest" spots could be sold to homeowner's that wanted more than one assigned "numbered" spot. Several months ago it came to our attention that a resolution was done in 2002 that said owners with 3 or more vehicles, registered to an address at the condo be charged $25 per month for each vehicle and parking privilege would be revoked if delinquent; however it was never implemented. What are your thoughts? I believe since it is a common element that everyone has enjoyed for many years this isn't something the Board can just implement without some legal ramifications. I would be interested in your thoughts and get ideas how your condos handle assigned and guest parking.

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