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Should condo and HOA rules be enforced regardless of outcome?


Is there a Connecticut statute of limitation when a condo association bylaw or rules and regulations are no longer enforceable? I'm talking about 4-7 years after the fact. Bylaws do say you have to get permission, then again there is no mention of what kind of screen door is allowed. In two such cases owners have received (from new property manager) notice of hearing and failure to comply (remove or replace) will result with a $25.00 per day fine. This has to do with no record on file with the previous property manager for an owner(s) requesting permission to install a screen door or the screen door does not look like all the other screen doors in the complex. One unit has been sold 3 times and now the new owner (7 years later) has to replace there screen door. The board stands fast,"there is no request to modify the unit" on record. Seems unfair for any owner to be held responsible for lack of due diligence for past discretions made by a previous property manager and board.

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