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How the condoassociation.com blog works. Question, answers, etc...


Q: There are so many different situations to read in each of your articles regarding condos. How would I know when and if my question was ever answered. It would take hours to read all of them. I absolutely love this site. It's so informative; however, some people seem to think that they know all of the answers and they treat others as if they were idiots. I don't feel that we need personal opinions, but something far more helpful of which would be that everyone simply use their common sense. We post our blogs for help--not for sarcasm.

A: Thanks for your input.  Every morning I pick a question from the multitude of questions received.  The criteria for which question or comment that gets posted is rather simple:

  • Is the question/comment a relevant topic, but not too "overplayed" by being discussed too often?  If its a repeat topic, especially by a serial submitter, then it will probably not get posted.
  • Does the question/comment make sense?  Is there clarity and some sense of logic is what a person is asking?  One would be suprised at the illogic and generally bad english of the questions/comments submitted.  If trying to understand what the submitter is asking turns into a problem solving excercise - it won't get posted.
  • Is it the right length and easily editable?  After two paragraphs, there is a dimishing return on the length of the blog post, as less people comment.  People seem to lose interest with longer posts.  Secondly if it requires a lot of re-working for me to post it, due to bad grammer, phrasing or just lacks clarity - the question/comment will probably not be chosen.
  •  The blog software that powers condoassociation.com automatically sends all email subscribers notification with 15 minutes or so of a new blog posts.  If your question does not get posted within a few days, it probably wont get posted due to my time constrictions.  Condoassociation.com is a labor of love, not a business so there is no money to hire workers to post and answer additional questions around the clock.  We rely on the community to pose and answer questions; not a staff.  Hopefully discussions yield great education and spawn new ideas for others.  Community association management is just one of those areas in life with laws you can try to run an association by, but at the end of the day pragmatism and on the job training willl most likely be more beneficial.
Lastly, the community over the past 5 years  has pretty much come to define itself.  I don't have too much control over the repsonses to all your posted questions with the exception of being able to delete some occasionally comments that people may find offensive.

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