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Condo board goes against legal advice for owner nuisance.


At a closed board meeting just recently, the three attending members decided to go against the recommendation of legal council paid advice. Myself, I could not make this meeting due to work related business. Legal council recommendation was to have letter sent to owner to cease behavior towards other owners and BOD members living on property. Letter to be sent was due to ranting and raving, screaming and yelling from window and staking BOD on property for business. Though law officers have not been call to property as of yet, this person seems to be close to stepping over edge of committing a violence act against someone. Police said till that's happens they can not take steps of any action. There is no protection from police any more. Just reaction to issues if it fits there criteria of code. BOD members said they do not want to stir pot against this person by sending letter from legal to cease this behavior, but BOD use to have meeting at property but have moved meeting to location with armed guard present. This was done because of this person. They will pay to protect themselves but will go against stated advice from legal which is being paid for by all paying members. Any comments on this. Also property manager is afraid to come to property.

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