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There's much more going on with this condo association


We only have three members on the board. One has resigned with only one month to go the other is resigning with three years to go. His position is up for election along 
with the 5 year term and he did not step down. He will not appoint someone for the president’s position until the election, yet that is how he got in his position before the last election. He refuses to go to the meeting and said we cannot come to an agreement; I want to appoint someone to fill that seat until the election. I am going by the by-laws. I went to have a special meeting at the club house; the property manager said I cannot have a meeting because we have no quorum on the board. (I am the only board member left.) He is correct in one aspect, however the board and the management company are close and they have broken every by-law there is. It all started when I said that the secretary (me) according to the by-laws should handle the election. The treasure said he wants the management company to do it. The last election was so bad that I got in by one vote it should have been more and the other person on the ticket did not get in, the old treasure remained. We could have contested it but this year’s election we will make sure it goes according to the by-laws. I sent a certified letter to the attorney that handles our HOA, no response from her at all. The Treasure did not have an audit done in six years our by-laws say every year one should be done. The management company wants his money back from the homeowners if the audit comes back the same from the one we got from the accountant which was not an audit. (Management Company is also a homeowner.) There is so much more going on here it makes me sick, the property management company has come after me twice threaten me. I went to the other board members and they said they do not get involved with neighbor to neighbor arguments. The property manager lives here and has a slot at the UPS store saying that is his office. He even has a suite number. The old secretary who I replace is working for him under the name Maggie. We all cannot believe she is running again for office. He just does not want a new board in. What do you think is going on?  New Jersey

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