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Town won't help with noise from 1st floor bar in ME


We're a mixed use building w/commercial area on the first floor and condos on all five floors above it.

When we all bought our units, we were aware that there would be some noise coming from below. There was a large indoor dining area, a small bar dance floor and smaller bar, with some dining on the patio during the summer.

None of this was a problem because the noise was kept indoors, and was usually on weekends.

Long story short: new lessee, area now nothing more than giant bars both indoors and on our patio, directly under our windows...with live bands and a horrendous noise level, every afternoon and night until nearly 1:00 A.M.

Town refuses to do anything and rezoned to favor the business owner- and we're all exhausted from lack of sleep.

Anyone familiar with this problem? Solutions?

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