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Watertown Mass trustee has had it with disengaged owners!


Condo-Owner-Gear-PatrolI am the sole Trustee of a 9-unit, self-managed condo association.

I also do all of the cleaning, maintenance & general upkeep of the property. In addition, I also take care of any other issues that may arise. I am paid a very small, insulting stipend per month for my services.

I feel like a landlord! The other unit owners live like renters.

As the sole Trustee, I want to make ALL of the rules & decisions. We have meetings a few times a year. More often than not, less than 1/2 of the unit owners show up. I LOVE my home! Ready to sell. I've tried to accept the fact that everyone else is lazy & doesn't care.

What happened to being a proud homeowner?

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