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By CondoAssociation.com • September 10, 2017

We have too many people living in condo units

We are running into a flux of 6 to 7 people living in a 500-600 sq ft unit -- we are finding either off-site owners are doing this or the person renting the unit has decided to rent out floor space which is illegal of subletting but its hard to prove.

Though we do not have an amount of people stated per unit any where it does state you can not sublease --- read a statement through Davis Sterling that they use the 2 and 1 approach on a persons per toilet.. I sat down with President of board and this person is saying Davis Sterling is out of compliance to state this - I say Davis is the godfather of the way the state approaches HOA.  The President is one of these flaming liberals who wants to fill up the state with the rest of the world -- any way to go around president ?

I will be making my case at board meeting to the rest of the board members who seem to have more common sense o some sort of logic- why they made this person president is beyond me -- logic for this person is like a deer in head lights

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