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By CondoAssociation.com • January 4, 2016

What can be done about legal fees over towing dispute?

towing-car-from-condo-during-snowstorm.jpgI own a condo unit in a condo/townhouse community. Last winter my car was towed for failure to move it after a snow storm during cleanup.

The property rules are such that they plow at 2", and again when the storm is complete. This particular storm we had less than 2 inches of snow.

The board of directors had my car towed, while leaving unregistered vehicles/visitor vehiicles in non-visitor parking spots as well as two board members vehicles which were not moved.

I took the community to court, only to drop the case when their lawyer threatened large legal costs that would be placed on me for deposing board members and plow truck driver. I did not want to incur the charges and did not want the community to incur unnecessary legal fees. I figured a board member or member of the management company would go to small claims court over $275 +/-.

Once I dropped the suit, the community charged me $75 for legal fees without a judge's permission to do so.

Furthermore, I did not find out about the charges until 3 months later, when the new management company sent me a statement asking for an absurd amount of money, most of which was paid and not reflected on the statement, or not due until months end.

I questioned the management company, and they said the board was unwilling to remove the charges.

What can I do about the legal fees?

Also, how can the community enforce the sending of monthly statements and board meeting minutes, which have not been sent out in over two years? 

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