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What can IL homeowners do to prevent increase in monthly fees?


increasing-condo-feesOur board is currently ready to approve an increase in our $125.00 maintenance fee to $200 with 51% of the homeowners' vote. Our declaration states we must have 75% of all homeowners and 51% of first mortgagees to do this.

They have also eliminated our limited common elements stating they weren't listed on the plat; however, our Declaration states if NOT on the plat they are limited common elements if it is accessible to the exclusive use of the homeowner.

What can we do or who do we contact to report these illegal activities?

Since they are not show on the plat; are using our Reserve Funds for ALL outside repairs (including driveways, patios, windows etc.); and have not voted on a Budget for 2015 our monthly fee to cover the cost of these expenses.

What can the homeowners do to stop this irresponsible spending of our reserve fund?

Our board paid an attorney to check our declaration and by-laws re: limited common elements. We have been told they received a letter from him stating we have NO LIMITED COMMON ELEMENTS even though they're covered in our documents. They refuse to show the owners this letter!

Aren't we entitled to see this info since we paid for it? Can the board be held responsible for non-compliance of our Declaration and By-Laws?

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