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How does your HOA manage violations?


Homeowners have noticed over the past few years that management sees violations but does not report them into the problem resolution system. So the violations don't get resolved. It seems that management now expects homeowners to do all the reporting. While homeowners certainly do report violations, particularly if these violations are directly affecting the homeowner in some way, it seems as though management no longer sees this as a management responsibility. This turns homeowners into neighborhood "cops."

Examples of Easily Observable Rule Violations Management Ignores: Missing trash can covers; trash bags left outside of trash containers; deteriorating storm doors and window screens; parking violations; broken windows; window air-conditioners left in long after the date for removing them; filled, functional birdfeeders.

For violations that can't be easily observed by management, we understand that homeowners must take the initiative. But for easily observable violations? This has been brought to the attention of the board, but they ignore this concern. Other than running for the board, what can homeowners do?  New York.

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