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What happens when you violate bylaws?


What do you do if your management /property manager does not enforce the by-laws or CC&R's of your Community. We have a board that was put in this year and there was only the 5 that wanted to run, they got rid of me on a private issues that i felt was none of there business. If 5 only run those 5 are on the board no matter how many votes they get? Is this something that can be stop in any way? the other question is can a board come in and change a agenda of board meeting just because that what the board wants to do. They have decided to start our monthly meetings with executive session first then general meeting and then open form last. This is not to be done according to our bylaws but when we ask about it our property manager told us our lawyer told them they could do it that way and we were never given on what reason he was given or if I ask about the open forum being so late they holding it at 745 in the evening when the meeting starts at 6PM with executive session first. as a community this is way to late for parent on school night to attend our meeting and people have stopped coming to our meeting because of them doing it this way. i was on the understanding that if our by-laws stated it can't be done then it up to the board to stand by the bylaws? Is there any way that executive session can be first i was on the understanding that we are first to be told what there are going over at executive session and if this is being done first then we can not be be told what they are talking about it like a big secret.Can they do this if they are violating our by-laws?

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