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By CondoAssociation.com • February 25, 2019

What is your clubhouse policy for private parties?

What experiences has anyone had about reserving a condominium association clubhouse for private parties? Our Florida Condo Association had rules governing the use of our clubhouse and they were set up to limit private parties (from the beginning of the association) to the residents and overnight guests of the association with 75% of the party required to be from the community. Every other party was considered and outside group and was not permitted in our Rules & Regulations. About three years ago new people moved in and decided they wanted the clubhouse to be open to more people only because they were not permitted to have a funeral dinner. So now we have a situation where every party has been an outside group. Since we are a Florida non-profit corporation we can't charge anything for reservation of the clubhouse. The only requirement is one person from the community has to sponsor the party and there is a deposit which is refunded if they don't damage anything and clean-up. The residents of the community are not permitted to go in the clubhouse while the parties are going on and we are not permitted to know who is reserving the clubhouse but we do pay for the electric, water and sewer for these events. The reason we aren't permitted into the clubhouse to our exercise equipment, library or pool table is because they want to know if anyone has done damage it will be only the people at the party. We do have a possibility to create a separate room where our residents could come in through a side door and get to their exercise equipment and also the library but that has been resisted. If there is a separate room that could be locked off from the rest of the clubhouse why couldn't the residents gain entry to their own clubhouse while a private party is going on?

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